Roamin Hordes

The barbarians are coming!

A quick play wargame/RTS/tower defence hybrid - Roamin' Hordes was our first ever game jam entry.
Shift and change the shape of Roman formations - keep the battle line strong enough to withstand the onslaught. If the Emperor’s Praetorian Guard fall, the battle is lost!

Shape and position play an important part in the tactics e.g spreading a formation will protect a wider area, increase archer effectiveness etc., but it increases the risk of the formation being overwhelmed by multiple attackers.

Before combat begins you can customise your own legion with the formations you want to use, with different the types of units having unique stats and pros/cons.

During battle, zoom from a birds eye tactical view, all the way in to see animated combat in all it’s 2D pixelated glory.
The soundtrack uses pre-existing music, Battle in the Winter, by Johan Brodd (jabromedia).

***Camera controls: RMB or arrow keys to pan, mouse wheel or [ ] keys to zoom.


We hope you enjoy playing, and appreciate your votes and comments!




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English (US)